PSI in 'moderate' range for most of Singapore

SINGAPORE - Singapore's 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading hit its highest level since June 2 this year, as hazy skies were reported in parts of Singapore today, 

According to the latest PSI reading at 4pm today, the air quality ranged from 52 to 55, but  is still in the 'moderate' range.

Air quality remained in the 'good' range (below 50) in the eastern part of Singapore, according to an update on the National Environment Agency (NEA) website.

Said a Stomp reader, Ming, who lives in Tanjong Rhu: "Usually I have a clear view of Marina Bay Sands and the downtown financial centre.

"Today you can barely make out the buildings.  Can the PSI still be below 100? From the looks of it it could be above 100 and in the 'unhealthy' range in some areas."

The NEA said Thursday that Singapore could experience brief periods of slightly hazy conditions in the next two weeks, should the fires in the region persist and if the winds blow from the south.

Scattered hotspots with slight to moderate smoke haze were detected mainly over the central and southern parts of Sumatra.

Last October, air quality breached the unhealthy threshold of 100 - prompting calls for the Indonesian authorities to take action, reported the Straits Times.