MFA raises Bangkok alert

Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) warned Singaporeans not to travel to Bangkok unless "absolutely necessary", following fresh alerts from the Thai government.

In an e-mail statement, an MFA spokesman said: "Unless travel is absolutely necessary, we urge Singaporeans planning to travel to Bangkok in the next few days to consider waiting for the flood situation to improve before doing so."

The ministry also said it was in close touch with Singaporeans in Bangkok, and advised them to "take all necessary precautions". MFA said the embassy there is ready to help them if the situation deteriorates.

Singaporeans travelling to or already in Thailand should register with MFA at

This will allow MFA to keep travellers updated on the latest developments and contact them should there be a need to do so. They are also encouraged to purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

Singaporeans who require consular assistance can call the MFA Duty Office (24 hours) on +65 6379-8800 or +65 6379-8855, or e-mail the office at

They can also contact the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok on +66 (2) 286-2111 (main line) or +66 (81) 844-3580 (after office hours), or e-mail the embassy at

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