Former YPAP member apologises to kindergarten over offensive post

YP Chairman Teo Ser Luck (centre) and Vice-Chairman Zaqy Mohamad (right) with Huda Kindergarten's owner Mr.Syed Abdul Rahman Al Tahir.

A former Young People's Action Party (YPAP) member who posted a picture of kindergarten pupils with an offensive caption has written an apology to the school.

Mr Jason Neo, 30, has also asked permission to visit the school, Huda Kindergarten, so that he can apologise in person.

A copy of the letter was sent to The Straits Times yesterday.

Mr Neo is currently being investigated by the police for posting on Facebook a photo of Huda Kindergarten pupils in a school bus.

In the caption, Mr Neo wrote: "Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?"

The incident caused online furore and resulted in several police reports lodged against him. He has since resigned from YP last week.

In the apology letter, Mr Neo said: "I wish to offer Huda Kindergarten, its students and their parents or guardians my utmost sincere and unreserved apology. I had no intention whatsoever to cause any hurt or offence to your school, or to the members of any race or religion."

He explained that he had uploaded the photo in a 'moment of folly' and deleted it from his Facebook wall when he realised how offensive it could be.

"I humbly seek Huda Kindergarten's forgiveness for my insensitive action. I will also be honoured if you permit me to visit Huda Kindergarten to apologise in person for the hurt I have caused," he said.

YP's chairman and vice-chairman, Mr Teo Ser Luck and Mr Zaqy Mohamad, visited Huda Kindergarten yesterday morning to apologise in person.

They met with the principal and owner of the kindergarten, Mr Syed Abdul Rahman Al Tahir, toured the kindergarten and met some of the parents, who were there for a parent-teacher conference.

Mr Zaqy said the reaction they got was 'warm'.

He told The Straits Times that they conveyed their apoligies and regrets over the incident, and assured that they would help with the concerns of the parents.

Mr Syed said the school appreciated the visit and will forward Mr Neo's letter to parents as well as convey the apology from Mr Teo and Mr Zaqy.

The school will also consider Mr Neo's request to visit and will issue an official statement in the next few days.