Terrorist-free Olympics for Russia
Tue, Dec 01, 2009

MOSCOW, Dec 1, 2009 (AFP) - International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief Jacques Rogge said Tuesday he was confident that Russia could prevent any terrorist threat to the 2014 Winter Olympics and hold completely safe Games.

'The Russian authorities are fully aware of the need to have a secure Games environment,' the Belgian said at the ceremony to unveil the 2014 Games logo.

'They are doing all that is needed and we trust them completely.'

The IOC chief also expressed his satisfaction with the logo, which organisers called the first ever 'digital' Olympic emblem.

'I like it very much,' said Rogge. 'I think it's very appealing, it's very creative. It's aimed at young people and you know that the IOC is doing its best to get young people involved sports.'

The head of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Sochi Games, Jean-Claude Killy, added his voice of support for the organisers of the Games at the Black Sea resort.

'We trust and support the Sochi Olympics organising committee completely and absolutely,' he said.

'We are 100 percent optimistic about the 2014 Games future.'

Killy said that the 2014 project was one of the most complex in the history of Olympics as Russia needed to construct up to 80 percent of the Games infrastructure to hold the Olympics successfully.

'But we are all ready for such a challenge,' Killy added.

Later Tuesday Rogge and Killy will meet Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to discuss the progress of the preparations for the Games.


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