At least three dead in US army helicopter crash in Germany
Thu, Feb 04, 2010

BERLIN, Feb 3, 2010 (AFP) - A US army helicopter crashed Wednesday near the German city of Darmstadt, killing at least three people, a spokesman for the local fire brigade said.

The exact number of people in the helicopter and the cause of the crash were not immediately known.

The aircraft went down at around 1700 GMT in a forest near a motorway between Darmstadt and Mannheim, where the US Army has a base nearby with an airfield. US forces also have a major airbase in the area at Ramstein.

After conflicting reports on the death toll, the website of the Viernheim Volunteer Fire Department said at 2100 GMT that a third death had been confirmed.

A US army spokesman confirmed the accident and identified the helicopter as a Black Hawk, which normally carries three crew. He did not give other details.

About 100 German rescuers were at the site of the crash but the investigation was being carried out by US military, sources added.





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