Mon, Dec 20, 2010
School kids become mum and dad at 14

Two 14-year-old students have become Britain's youngest parents.

Teenager April Webster gave birth to son Jamie after getting pregnant when she and the child's father, Nathan Fishbourne, were only 13.

The four-week-old child is now living with April and her parents.

April, who is currently in Year 10, said: "I've no regrets," while Nathan said: "Now the baby's here I'm happy being a dad."

However, Nathan's father is worried that the arrival of the baby would affect his studies.

His father Ron, 53, said: "He goes straight from school and is not coming home until nine at night.

"He's down there all weekend as well - and I'm not happy. I'm not saying his schoolwork is more important but he's got to find a balance."

He added: "I don't want him coming home in six months saying there's another one on the way.

Nathan, who failed to wear a condom during intercourse with April, promised his parents that "it's not going to happen again."


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