They eat 100kg of rice a day

Followers of the self-reliant Chana sect grow their own crops and raise their own livestock, according to various media reports.

Leader Ziona Chana has set up a school, run by his younger brother, for the children in the community.

While the curriculum comes from the government, Mr Chana says he has added some sect-specific teachings.

At Chhuanthar Run, the mansion which the extended family shares, the day begins at 5.30am when everyone gathers for prayers.

By 6am, chores for the day are delegated to the adults.

The men have designated roles, such as carpentry in the furniture factory, looking after pigs and poultry or cultivating crops.

The women work in the home - the wives cook and the daughters are expected to clean and wash up.

Each day, the clan of about 160 people goes through about 100kg of rice, 60kg of potatoes, 70kg of meat and 10 litres of milk.

They take turns to cook, set the tables and serve the meals.

Dinner for those under 15 years old begins at 4pm in the main room, a giant hall where they cook, eat and pray.

An hour later, all the adults sit together for the most important meal of the day of the day.

It's free and easy for everyone from 6pm, but by 9pm, they are expected to switch off the lights and go to sleep.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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