Thai politician shot dead in Pattani, Narawathi

A local politician was shot dead in Pattani's Ka Por district by a group of four or five assailants in a sedan, police said yesterday.

Doloh Dengla, 50, a member of the Plonghoi Tambon Administration Organisation, was talking with his wife and relatives in front of his house in Ban Tulo when two gunmen got out of the sedan and shot him with an M-16 assault rifle and a 9mm pistol.

Meanwhile, a former assistant chief of Ban Kolorwae was fatally shot at a roadside pavilion in Narathiwat's Yi-ngor district yesterday morning by suspected insurgents in a pick-up truck while he was buying rubber sheets from neighbours.

The victim, As-ha Tayeh, 29, sustained two shotgun wounds to the torso and was later pronounced dead at Rangae Hospital.

At 9am yesterday, Yala Governor Decharat Simsiri visited a Raman district defence volunteer base that was attacked Friday night by suspected insurgents.

Two defence volunteers were killed in the attack and seven guns stolen from the base.

Decharat urged officials at Yala defence bases to be extra cautious, before visiting the deceased volunteers' families and giving them a total of Bt700,000 (S$28,700) in assistance money.

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