'Change at the top' for China Mobile

CHINA - Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile Communications Corp, said he enjoyed every day of the past three decades that he spent in the telecom industry and saw the changes in people's lives resulting from technological innovations.

The work of leading the world's biggest telecom carrier has kept him busy.

Wang said he was bad at sports and seldom exercises.

When reporters asked him what he'd do after his retirement, he said he had no idea.

Obviously, he thinks little about a life without work.

Nonetheless, the 63-year-old Wang said last week in Hong Kong that he was ready for retirement within the year.

The Chinese financial website caixin.com reported on Wednesday that Wang is going to step down on Thursday, and Xi Guohua, Party secretary and vice-chairman of China Mobile, will assume Wang's position.

An official from China Mobile's media relations department, who declined to be identified, said the announcement of Wang's retirement would be released very soon.

Wang took the helm of China Mobile in 2004.

In that year, the revenue of China Mobile Ltd was 192.4 billion yuan ($38.4 billion) and its net profit was 42 billion yuan.

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