Japan: 33% of married women victims of domestic abuse

A recent Cabinet Office survey shows that 32.9 per cent of married women or women who have been married in the past have experienced domestic abuse, such as physical harm or psychological harassment.

According to the survey, 41.4 per cent of domestic abuse victims did not tell anyone about the situation. In many cases, they meekly accepted the abuse out of consideration for their children or economic concerns, the survey said. The percentage of women who have experienced domestic abuse has remained constant with the two previous surveys conducted in 2005 and 2008. The survey, which was released Friday, is conducted every three years.

When asked about the details of their experience, 25.9 per cent of victims said they were punched, kicked or shoved by their husbands and 6.2 per cent were assaulted repeatedly. Multiple answers were allowed.

The survey also found 17.8 per cent had experienced psychological harassment and intimidation such as verbal abuse or their husbands always keeping a close eye on the people in their lives.

According to the survey, 14.1 per cent said they were forced to engage in sexual relations with their husband.

When asked why they did not file for divorce, 57.3 per cent--the largest group--said it was because of their children. Economic concerns were next on the list at 18.9 per cent.

The survey was conducted in November and December on 5,000 adult men and women across the nation, 65.9 per cent of whom responded.

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