Reporters queried over indecent Justin Lee pics

The Taipei District Prosecutors' Office yesterday questioned four reporters of the Chinese-language newspaper China Times over their detailed reports on alleged date rape cases involving Justin Lee and numerous women, and for publishing indecent pictures believed to have been taken by Lee.

The prosecutors' office summoned two reporters surnamed Chen, one reporter surnamed You and one intern reporter also surnamed Chen yesterday morning. The reporters were questioned in the afternoon over the sources of the pictures. Investigators were trying to find out what the distribution channels of the pictures were, and to determine if there is anybody intentionally releasing the pictures to media outlets.

The intern, a student studying at the Chinese Cultural University, yesterday denied having written the front-page story. She issued the denial through the university's public relations office.

On Sunday, the China Times published a news story on its front page concerning an alleged account of Justin Lee raping a menstruating woman. The paper also ran related reports on the third page, along with several indecent pictures apparently captured from the Internet. The report mentioned the name of a website which offered six film recordings of the alleged rapes for netizens to download.

Huang Mo-hsin, spokesman of the Taipei District Prosecutors' Office, said that the website had already taken down the films, adding that the account used to upload the films was pirated two years ago, and the server of the website is located abroad.

The website yesterday ran a notice saying that the site was paralyzed due to massive amounts of DDoS attacks by hackers early yesterday morning.

A netizen last week posted a download link for six short films, and claimed that only VIP members or those paying NT$1,350 would be allowed to download the films

Prosecutors yesterday called for victims involved in the date rape scandal to come forward and offer solid evidence against Lee, so as to ensure that justice is done and to prevent the suspect from escaping judicial punishment. Prosecutors issued the call after having questioned several alleged victims, but they declined to reveal how many alleged victims had been questioned.

Investigators raided the residence of Chen Mei-lan, who had hidden Lee for 23 days, in the central county of Changhua, seizing a computer as well as tapes of surveillance cameras.

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