EC mulls using Thaksin as lecturer

Former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra toasts members of the business community at a hotel in Vientiane in April 11, 2013.

Election Commission chairman Apichart Sukhagganond has admitted the EC had discussed inviting ex-pm Thaksin Shinawatra as a guest speaker for class 4 students in the EC's advanced course on political development and elections.

Apichart said the students had proposed Thaksin give his talk through Skype and he thought there was nothing wrong about the idea as students should get well-rounded opinions for the political development of the country.

Election Commissioner Sodsri Satayatham said the EC committee in charge of drawing up a curriculum for the course invited Squadron Leader Prasong Sunsiri as guest speaker. Students said, hoping for well-rounded information, they wanted to hear from Thaksin also.

She said the decision whether to invite Thaksin rested with the committee in charge of curriculum and the five EC commissioners. She said the committee had not yet reached any decision on the matter.

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