G-Shock celebrates its big 3-0

TAIPEI - They say that a good watch is timeless and will last through the ages. G-Shock, which was launched in 1983, strives to produce pieces that do just that.

The brand began as the dream of a young engineer, Kikuo Ibe, Casio's head of watch design then, who wanted to create "a watch that doesn't break even when dropped", said Mr Watanabe Shunichi, managing director of Casio Singapore.

Since then, it has evolved in its design ethos, but it has never strayed from its core philosophy: Being unbreakable.

The watches are surrounded by a tough and all-directional covering with cushioning to protect them from shocks.

The watches also feature advanced technology, such as Triple G Resist, which also helps the watches withstand shocks from being dropped, centrifugal gravity and vibrations.

Mr Shunichi said the brand is gaining popularity among young working professionals who have spending power.

They "choose G-Shock because it offers practical functionality, and serves as a fashion statement", he said.

He added that "the brand has evolved from being recognised by extreme-sports athletes for... functionality" to being widely recognised by individuals across the spheres of music and fashion, and in popular culture, thanks to G-Shock's innovative and rugged designs.

The brand, which has found celeb fans in Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

It rolled out a limited-edition G-Shock Rising Red Collection, which celebrates the designs in its classic pieces. The twist? The watches come in brilliant red, accented with metallic gold details.

The brand is throwing a Shock the World party tour in celebration.

It has travelled to New York, with Eminem as a special guest, and Taipei, with brand ambassador Mayday in attendance.

The party will make its stop in Singapore in July.

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