Girl, 11 has been putting away her CNY collection from young

CHINA - An 11-year-old girl has saved RM100,000 (S$40,055) in ang pow money given to her since she was small.

Sin Chew Daily and Nanyang Siang Pau reported that Xu Leyi, a Standard Four pupil from Caihe town at Hangzhou City, China, has 200,000 yuan (S$40,000) of ang pow money in her savings.

The girl's father said his daughter would usually start collecting ang pow on the eve of Chinese New Year and by the same night, have a large stack of ang pow under her pillow.

He said the ang pow was usually given by close relatives and friends, adding that the money had been put in the bank for Leyi's education.

"She gets about 20,000 yuan (S$3,965) in ang pow money each year.

"She should have more than 500,000 yuan (S$99,600) in savings when she graduates from university at the age of 23," he said.

Compared with the days when ang pow was worth only two, five or 100 yuan (S$20), he said times were different now with the amount starting at 1,000 yuan (S$200).

Leyi said the largest ang pow she had received was 10,000 yuan from her grandparents last year.

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