Toddlers in China starve to death

The children were found neglected and covered with sores when police reached them at their squalid apartment. Neighbours say they often heard banging and screams coming from the apartment, where the children live with their mother. The mother has been arrested.

CHINA - Two children - aged one and three - left with no food at their home in the capital of Jiangsu province in China, were found dead having starved to death in a squalid fifth-floor flat.

Their bodies were found in Nanjing last Friday and their mother, who was named Ms Le, was arrested on Sunday.

Neighbours said she had "a history of using drugs", reported the Shanghai Daily.

The Telegraph reported that the children were covered with sores when the police found them.

One neighbour, Mr Zhang Yu, said their father had been arrested for an alleged drug offence in February and had not been seen since. Their mother was rarely at the apartment and the children were often heard crying.

During one recent visit to the family's home, Mr Zhang said he had seen "the younger daughter lying on her stomach by the lavatory, totally covered in faeces".

Another neighbour, 55-year-old Shi Chunxiang, had heard banging and screaming from the apartment.

On Monday, Chinese netizens reacted furiously to the toddlers' deaths, questioning both the parents and social services.

"The parents are scum but what about the community? What about our society? Where have the officials gone? Those were two little lives!" wrote one user of the Twitter-like Weibo.

"The kids were not just killed by their parents but also by the indifference of the people around them," wrote another.

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