2 NEA officers charged over sexual bribe
Tue, Nov 17, 2009
AsiaOne, The Straits Times

By Elena Chong

TWO men were hauled to court on Tuesday for trying to get a sexual bribe from an underage smoker and a teenage smoker's mother respectively.

Mohamed Rafi Abdul Alim, 32, was a Certis Cisco Security enforcement officer when he allegedly attempted to get sexual service from a 15-year-old girl in return for not taking action against her for smoking-related offences on March 10.

His case was fixed for a pre-trial conference on Dec 10.

Another man, former National Environment Agency (NEA) officer, Koh Hui Chong, 42, pleaded guilty to attempting to get sexual favours from the mother of an underage smoker at her flat last year.

A spokesman for the National Environment Agency (NEA) said: "NEA takes a serious view of any misconduct by its own officers or contract officers.

"We are appalled by the actions of these two officers. Both officers have been suspended from their duties upon commencement of investigations and are no longer in service.

"NEA will not hesitate to take action against any of its officers for misconduct or abuse of authority."

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