Wed, Aug 11, 2010
Teenager forced to parade in the nude

A teenage girl in India was stripped and forced to walk naked for almost 8km, being beaten and groped by hundreds of men along the way, as punishment for loving a boy from another community.

According to The Times of India some men recorded videos on mobile phones as the 17-year-old tribal girl staggered along to the sound of beating drums

News reports also indicate that the incident happened in April but police only started their investigation recently.

Speculated reasons for this include the girl being too traumatised to tell police - while village leaders kept silent.

Police acted after being made aware of the video being sent around in a MMS clip dubbed "Adibasi girl". They arrested six people including Chundu Murmu - the son-in-law of the local village council head - to assist investigations.

On Monday, police also arrested another five people for allegedly circulating a video of the teenager.

The Times of India described the video as horrific, noting how the girl had "a dazed, dead look on her face as she staggers along dusty dirt tracks".

The article also described how she tried to protect her modesty but was grabbed by men who molested her, laughing, "as the drums beat up a frenzy".



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