Teen rapes stepsister after watching porn

By Pearly Tan

HER stepbrother raped her four times but she did not dare tell anyone.

The then 14-year-old became pregnant as a result.

When she started putting on weight, her friends in school teased her.

But a school counsellor suspected the teenager, now 16, was pregnant and approached her.

She came clean and told the counsellor what her stepbrother had done.

The girl gave birth three months later and the baby girl was put in foster care.

Yesterday, her stepbrother, now 18, pleaded guilty to two charges of rape at the Community Court.

Two other rape charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced on April 20.

He was 16 years old when the offence first happened in 2009.

Her father had married his mother in 1997 when she was three and he five.

One night in February 2009, the girl was watching television with their nine-year-old half-brother when her stepbrother came home.

He had been sent to a juvenile home for two years in 2007 for rioting but could return home on weekends.

She thought it was a game

Their parents were out and he walked over and hit her playfully on her arms. She hit him back, thinking it was just a game.

Then he grabbed her arm and pulled her to her bedroomand locked the door.

She shouted at their half-brother to open the door with the spare keybut the stepbrother took the key from the half-brother and told him not to disturb them.

After locking the door again, he pushed her down on to the bed and raped her.

As she felt ashamed of what had happened to her, she kept mum about it. A month later, he raped her again while their parents were out.

She cried but did not protest aloud as she was afraid. He raped her two more times in the following months.

The court was told that the girl stopped having her period after the first rape in February.

After she broke her silence, tests showed she was pregnant and she gave birth to a girl in January last year.

Investigations showed that her stepbrother was the father of the child.

In his mitigation, defence lawyer Josephus Tan told the court the girl had written a letter to forgive her stepbrother and pleaded for him to be given another chance.

He had raped the girl after watching pornography.

Highlighting the aggravating factors of the case, Deputy Public Prosecutor Gail Wong said the boy had committed the rapes while he was serving his sentence in a juvenile home for previous offences.

Not only did he fail to protect her as a responsible stepbrother, but he had abused that trust by raping her.

He will be sentenced on April 20.

For rape, he could be jailed 20 years and caned.


This article was first published in The New Paper.