Other gruesome murders that took place in Singapore

From left: Murder victim Gerard George Lowe from South, Africa, murder victim and Filipino domestic worker Jane Parangan La Puebla, 26, Kallang River body-parts murder - Chinese national Liu Hong Mei, 22.

Orchard road body parts murder

Sept 7, 2005 Filipino maid Guen Garlejo Aguilar, then 30, killed a fellow maid, Mrs Jane Parangan La Puebla, then 27, over a sum of $2,000 that Mrs La Puebla owed her.

Aguilar hid the body in her room inside a luggage bag for the next two days, unbeknown to her employers.

She then bought a chopper, an axe and some black rubbish bags, among other items, and dismembered the body.

She dumped her friend's body parts near the Orchard MRT station and at MacRitchie Reservoir.

She escaped the gallows when the court reduced her charge from murder to manslaughter, after she was found to be mentally unsound at the time of the killing.

She was jailed for 10 years in May 2006.

Kallang body parts murder

JUNE 15, 2005

Liu Hong Mei, 22, from Jilin province, China, was butchered by her married lover, Singaporean factory supervisor Leong Siew Chor, then 50.

Her body parts were split into seven bags and boxes and dumped into the Kallang and Singapore rivers. Her feet were never found.

It emerged in investigations that Leong had stolen her ATM card and withdrew more than $2,000 from her account.

Leong has been hanged for her murder.

Chopped-up tourist

March 8, 1995

Briton John Martin, then 35, befriended South African Gerard George Lowe, 32, at Changi Airport. Both checked into River View Hotel.

There, Martin bludgeoned Mr Lowe to death with a hammer before dissecting the body in the bathtub.

Only Mr Lowe's legs, thighs and torso were found - in black plastic bags off Clifford Pier.

His head and arms were never found.

Martin was also found to be responsible for the deaths of two Canadian tourists whom he met in Phuket shortly after the murder here.

Their bodies were dismembered.

Martin was hanged on April 19, 1996.

Human curry murder Dec 12, 1984

Mr Ayakanno Marithamuthu, then 38, was allegedly bludgeoned to death with an iron rod in the caretaker's quarters of the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church.

The body of the live-in caretaker of the Public Utilities Board holiday chalets in Changi was chopped up, cooked in curry and rice, packed in plastic bags and thrown into roadside rubbish bins.

The murder weapon and the pot used for cooking the remains were never found.

Neither were the remains.

His wife and her three brothers were charged in 1987, but released in the same year because of lack of proof.

The brothers were re-arrested, then released in June 1991 after spending four years in prison.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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