Three men with gun rob school of $100,700

KUALA LUMPUR - THREE men robbed a primary school in Puchong near here early yesterday and escaped with cash and valuables estimated at more than RM250,000.

The robbers, one armed with a gun and the rest with parang, held up two security guards, a canteen operator and his three workers, a maintenance staff and two newsvendors who arrived before lessons began at SRJK(C) Han Ming in Batu 14, Jalan Puchong.

The drama unfolded at 2am when the robbers, who wore masks, turned up at the main gate in a Proton Waja. They immediately attacked and subdued the two security guards.

The robbers were said to be in the school for about four hours, from 2am to 6am. During that time, they tied up the security guards and ransacked the school office at the second floor of the building. They broke open a safe and took RM30,000.

Then, they waited and ambushed every one who came through the main gate, including the canteen operator and his staff, the school worker and the newsvendors.

After that, the robbers escaped in a Toyota Camry belonging to the canteen operator and a one-tonne lorry which belonged to the vendors.

Deputy Subang Jaya police chief Superintendent Tan Ah Chua said police had not made any arrest yet.

He said they had obtained the tapes from closed-circuit television cameras in the school and were hopeful of identifying the robbers.

"We have also recorded statements from all nine victims. The robbers spent four hours in the school. They took their time in breaking open the safe."

He also said one of the robbers pointed a gun at the victims and ordered them to lay on the floor before tying them up.

Tan said fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

The canteen operator told police he was preparing food at his stall when he was confronted by three armed men who wore masks.

"Two of the robbers ransacked the school while one of them stood guard over us."

He added that the robber relieved the victims of their wristwatches, jewellery, handphones and cash.

The victims untied themselves after the robbers left and contacted the police.

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