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Stories from crime survivors are rare. We hear of the crime, but the victims are faceless and anonymous. Sometimes, that's simply because they don't live to tell their stories.

When social media marketeer Chin Xin Ci thwarted her abductors last months, she shared her traumatic experience and how she escaped on Facebook.

Her detailed account of the four-minute episode immediately went viral; 51,000 people have shared her story on their Facebook pages, and over 1,000 left comments for her.

Chin was kidnapped at knifepoint in the car park of a busy shopping centre on a Sunday evening, and if she had not outwitted her abductors, her case too would have added to the country's violent crime statistics.

In February, the Home Ministry announced that the overall crime index for 2011 has dropped by 11.1% with a reduction of 39.7% in street crime last year.

"I used to think that this is something that happens only in the papers and to people far, far removed from me. But then it did happen to me," Chin wrote.

The reality is that the worst case scenario does happen, no matter how many prevention tips we know or follow, or where we are.

Azalea Rahab was sleeping in her bedroom when she heard a noise and then felt a knife pressed against her throat. She was afraid but desperate to survive, so she thrashed violently, kicking, clawing and biting to break free from the intruder's grip.

Her wild struggle knocked the knife out of his hand, but he then took out a penknife from his pocket.

Azalea continued to fight frantically, and her assailant fled with just her handbag. He left a deep gash on her wrist that required nine stitches.

"I fought like a deranged woman ... anything to survive. He must have been caught off guard that I'd actually put up a fight. That's probably why he left."

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