Sex clip 'blackmail' arrest

An assistant manager of a supermarket in Bangkok was arrested yesterday for publishing a video clip of sex with a 17 year old Thai student in Norway, whom he befriended via Camfrog and had intimate relationship with when she visited Thailand.

Police arrested Patipat Mongkolkanchanasiri, 23, for publishing the sex clip via the Internet. They allege he did this to try to extort Bt100,000 from the victim. He was also charged with libel, committing a lewd act with a minor under 18, extortion and assault.

Patipat allegedly lured the girl to visit him in Thailand and took her to his home in Kanchanaburi where they had sex and he secretly recorded the clip. After the teen returned to Norway, he allegedly demanded money from her on various occasions, and received Bt100,000, which went toward football gambling debts.

When the teen couldn't pay any more, he allegedly released the clip and wrote insulting messages about her on the website, so she alerted police.

But the suspect said he didn't extort any money. He claimed the girl sent him cash because she felt pity that he owed Bt25,000 for football bets. He said he posted the clip because he was angry that she saw another guy and wanted to scare her to come back to him.

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