Man who punched and fractured gangster's jaw escapes jail

Ong Long Hock, 64, was fined $3,000 and spared a jail sentence as the judge said it was an exceptional case.

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean businessman was fined $3,000 on Thursday for punching and fracturing a gangster's jaw.

The Straits Times reported that he was spared a jail sentence as the judge said it was an exceptional case.

Ong Long Hock, 64, had pleaded guilty to causing hurt to Lee Tze Wei, 32, a sales executive.

The incident occurred on Feb 17, 2009 at about 7pm. Ong and his family had drove down to the Punggol Nasi Lemak stall near Tanjong Katong Road.

Ong's daughter-in-law, Delia Chiang Chia Yen, 31, was on the way to queue for food when she was pestered by Lee and his friend.

Claiming to be gangsters, the duo swore at her and her husband. The two men started punching and kicking Ong's son before family members could call the police. A third man also joined in the assault.

Ong tried to break up the fight and was also hit. When the three assailants tried to flee, Ong and his son managed to grab Lee and pin him to the ground. That was when Ong punched him.

"Assaulting him at this point was clearly excessive," said District Judge Toh Yung Cheong, who added that the correct thing to do was to wait for the police to arrive.

But Ong's lawyer, Mr A. P. Thirumurthy, said his client was a victim, reported The New Paper. 

Ong told the Shin Min Daily News on Thursday that he had lost five teeth in the fight, and spent $20,000 on dental treatment.

He said he joined in the fight after seeing his son's bloodied face and daughter-in-law's shouts for help. His son and daughter-in-law reportedly lost a tooth each.

The owner of a printing business is married with five children ranging from 37 to 42 years of age.

He says he wished to put the matter behind them and move on.

Lee has also been charged with causing grievous hurt. His case has yet to be heard.

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