CCTVs for 300 hotspots in Selangor

PETALING JAYA - Selangor police have identified about 300 crime hotspots in the state which will benefit from real-time CCTV surveillance system.

Selangor deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk A. Thaiveegan said the programme was part of the Government's National Key Results Area (NKRA) for crime.

"I am sure that it will greatly assist the police in combating crime and ultimately bring down the crime rate," he said.

SAC Thaiveegan hopes that the system will be expanded to Selangor as soon as possible after its launch in Johor.

"We have identified the locations where the CCTVs are to be installed and it is only a matter of when," he said.

It was reported yesterday that the estimated cost of setting up the entire system in Johor was RM95 million (S$38 million).

He also urged the private sector to assist the police by allowing their CCTV feeds, especially at shopping malls, to be linked to the state's centralised command centre to facilitate a quick response.

SAC Thaiveegan also welcomed the move by police from Bukit Aman who intend to meet shopping mall operators to discuss their security and CCTV systems after the recent spate of robberies involving female patrons.

"We will advise and guide them on measures to implement at their malls. By working together, we hope to greatly decrease the number of crimes in shopping mall car parks and in the vicinity," he said.

The surveillance system will allow CCTV feeds to be conveyed to police patrol units, MPVs and motorcycles via a centralised command centre.

Emergency response boxes would also be installed in strategic locations statewide so that the public can communicate with the police by speaking into an intercom.

The system is expected to be fully operational in Johor by next year.

Johor Baru City Council will have 50 CCTV cameras in place while the Iskandar Regional Development Authority has proposed 250.

The system will also include privately-owned CCTV cameras from shopping malls and business premises as well as live video streaming from the patrol cars to the command centre.

Following its launch in Johor, the next two states earmarked for the system are Selangor and Kuala Lumpur although an exact date has yet to be set.

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