Third syndicate member jailed for cheating MBS

SINGAPORE - A man was jailed for 30 months for conspiring with three others to cheat the Marina Bay Sands casino (MBS) of nearly $150,000.

Ang Chee Peng, 29, admitted to eight counts of cheating pit managers manning the Sic Bo tables, reported The Straits Times on Monday.

The former Singapore Armed Forces specialist cheated the casino a total of $36,200 since last August with then MBS surveillance operator Ho Boon Keat, 29, truck driver Benson Ho, 25, Bai Qipei, 24, and Toh Kaida, 28.

During the trial, Ang revealed that he joined the scam initiated by Ho Boon Keat last July as he had credit card bills and loans of about $30,000 settle.

After three or four occasions, Ho Boon Keat suggested to Ang to seek out other people to avoid being recognised by MBS security and to keep the scam going.

Toh and Bai, a colleague and former national service camp mate respectively, joined Ang as accomplices and would stake out the Sic Bo tables.

Gamblers can win up to 180 times if all the three dice rolled display the same number.

When the pit manager asked Ho Boon Keat to verify the video footage, he lied that the $25 bet was placed.

Ang received a share of $20,000 from the scams and spent a portion with his Vietnamese girlfriend overseas.

He was apprehended on September 11, 2011 on his return.

During his sentencing, 25 other similar charges were considered.

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