He loses life savings to con-man

SINGAPORE - Heartless, greedy, liar - The words aptly describe Lee Chee Heng, 37.

The businessman not only posed as a lawyer to cheat a man of all his savings, he also asked him to borrow money from banks and family.

His lie: Offering his victim a 30th-storey condominium unit at The Sail for sale.

The sum of money involved: At least $877,800.

Elaborate lies were spun, pre-paid SIM cards were bought to trick the victim into believing that Lee was a lawyer from an established law firm and that there were other buyers interested in the unit.

All so that Lee, an undischarged bankrupt, could lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Lee told the victim that he knew of good property investments from his colleagues.

One such property was the fictitious condo unit which an imaginary Indonesian woman had indicated interest in.

He told the victim that he could buy the unit for about $900,000 and sell it at a profit.

For cheating his 46-year-old victim of $877,837 over two years and five months, Lee was jailed for 71/2 years on 24 charges of cheating yesterday.

Another 99 charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

This was not Lee's first offence.

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