He got 500 sedatives from 7 doctors

He was clinic-hopping, telling different stories to different doctors.

To one, he was a policeman.

To another, he was part of a security team escorting VIPs on their trips overseas.

He even told one doctor that he belonged to the Singapore Police Force's (SPF) Special Tactics and Rescue (Star) unit and was the personal bodyguard for the then Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng.

And Azuar Ahamad's lies worked.

All seven doctors he saw gave him what he wanted - sedatives.

Between 2008 and 2009, Azuar, 42, who has pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault, managed to get about 500 tablets of sedatives, mostly Dormicum and Stilnox.

The prosecution's case is that he used these drugs to knock out his victims before taking advantage of them.

But he disputes this, claiming that they had drunk themselves into a stupor.

Azuar had no problems obtaining the drugs.

Never mind that he had been convicted in 2002 and sentenced to six years' jail on charges including administering a stupefying drug and outrage of modesty.

In February 2009, he was arrested again for administering a stupefying drug and was allowed court bail of $30,000.

In July that year, while out on bail, he was arrested after molesting a woman.

Released again on a $5,000 court bail, he went on to allegedly violate another woman.

The Central Drug Prescribing Registry does not include dispensing details for benzodiazepines - the family of drugs which includes Dormicum. (See report below.)

In his latest case, Azuar, a former logistics executive, faced 33 charges, including rape, sexual assault, theft, possession of obscene films and voluntarily causing hurt to his victims by giving them stupefying drugs.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to raping three women and sexually assaulting his fourth victim.

The High Court heard how he took advantage of 22women, aged between 18 and 37, after meeting them through a Facebook application, Speed Date.

He raped, sexually assaulted or molested them and also stole from some of them. On Tuesday, three doctors testified how they had prescribed Azuar the sedatives after he complained of depression and insomnia following his wife's death.

Wives still alive

He has been married twice and both his wives are still alive.

On Wednesday, four more doctors who had prescribed sedatives to Azuar took the stand.

They were grilled by the lawyers and Justice Chan Seng Onn on the circumstances under which they had dispensed the drugs.

Dr Eng Soo Kiang, of CCK 24-Hour Family Clinic in Choa Chu Kang, told the court that Azuar visited the clinic six times between Jan 23 and July 30, 2009.

He said Azuar told him he was with the SPF and was suffering from insomnia as a result of shift work.

Dr Eng, who saw the man four out of the six times he visited, prescribed him Stilnox on each occasion.

When asked in court if he was aware that Azuar was visiting other clinics for sleeping pills, Dr Eng said no.

Dr Chui Peng Lum, of Evercare Medical Clinic in Choa Chu Kang, recalled Azuar as a well-dressed man.

He visited Dr Chui's clinic 10 times between March 7 and July 27, 2009, and obtained 62 Dormicum tablets.

When asked by Justice Chan if he was convinced by what Azuar told him of his medical conditions, Dr Chui replied: "Yes."

Dr Chui had prescribed Azuar with six tablets of Dormicum on his first visit on March 7.

Four days later, Azuar returned and saw Dr Chui's clinic partner, who gave him another six tablets after he claimed to have lost his previous prescription.

Defence counsel Suresh Damodara, assigned to the case under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, noted that on one visit, Dr Chui gave Azuar a cough syrup, which could cause drowsiness, and Dormicum.

He asked Dr Chui: "Your understanding of him was that he was gainfully employed?"

Dr Chui replied: "Yes."

To which Mr Damodara asked: "With all the medication (which could cause drowsiness), can one still function (at work)?"

Dr Chui replied: "Yes. I am in no position to assess if he can function."

Dr Barry Thng Lip Mong: "He volunteered (the information) that he belonged to the Star unit and he was a personal bodyguard for Wong Kan Seng."

Justice Chan Seng Onn: "Do you have any understanding what the Star unit is?"

Dr Thng: "No."

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