Employer accused of exploiting foreigners

TAIWAN - A domestic employer in Taichung allegedly exploiting four runaway foreign workers was yesterday handed over to the Taichung District Prosecutors' Office on charges of violating the Employment Services Act and human trafficking, according to a police source.

The employer, 41 and surnamed Chiang, allegedly cooperated with a 51-year-old woman, surnamed Chen, in recruiting workers for water leakage-prevention engineering by offering a high daily pay of NT$1,500 (S$62.90) early this year. They rejected domestic workers and recruited four runaway Vietnamese workers in May.

But Chiang didn't pay a cent to the four after they had worked for over 20 days, forcing the youngest worker, surnamed Ho, 23, to demand that they be paid or would otherwise leave.

Chiang, however, responded by directly reporting to the Wuri Police Precinct in Taichung City about the whereabouts of the four runaway foreign workers. In mid-June, the police joined forces with officers of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) to arrest the four workers illegally residing in Taiwan.

Following thorough investigations, the NIA officers found that Chiang had exploited the four Vietnamese workers. Besides demanding Chiang honour the NT$120,000 in wages he promised the four, the NIA also sent Chiang and Chen to the Taichung District Prosectors' Office for prosecution.

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