S'pore boss shot in Johor Bahru

Mr Raman Othayanan, a Singaporean PR and the managing director of a Singapore-based engineering company, is now in hospital recovering from his injuries.

SINGAPORE - The sudden loud sound coming from the other end of the telephone line startled her. It sounded like a loud bang, she thought.

But before she could find out what happened, the phone went dead.

"I thought my parents had met with an accident because the line went silent as soon as I heard the sound," said the 24-year-old, who wanted to be identified only as Miss Prithi.

The Republic Polytechnic student was in a public library in Johor Baru on Tuesday when she received the call from her mother.

Worried, Miss Prithi told The New Paper she tried desperately to get her parents back on line. But to no avail.

Moments later, her mobile phone rang.

It was her parents.

While initially relieved, what she heard next stunned her.

"Your father has been shot by a man," came her mother's frantic scream on the line.

The shooting happened at an open-air carpark at Taman Molek, a commercial and residential area in Johor Baru, on Tuesday.

At around 12.30pm that day, Mr Raman Othayanan - a Singapore permanent resident living in Johor Baru - was in his Singapore-registered BMW with his wife, Ms Pathma, 52.

The couple were there to pick up a package from a courier company at Taman Molek.

While they were in their parked car, Ms Pathma noticed a motorcyclist - who she reckoned was in his 30s - coming towards their vehicle.

He stopped by their car and pulled out a gun, pumping two shots in Mr Raman's direction.

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