Dad jailed after taking teen son on crime spree

SINGAPORE - The judge said he was "disgusted" and asked repeatedly: "How can you possibly get your son involved in this?"

On Thurdday, District Judge Shaifuddin Saruwan ticked off Izad Eunos, 42, for roping in his 16-year-old son for a stealing spree.

Izad and his son, Asyrul Mursalin Muhamad Izad, had pleaded guilty to stealing 10 bottles of perfume from a departmental store.

Father and son were waiting to be sentenced when the judge made his comments.

Last December, Izad and Asyrul went to Mustafa Centre in Little India, where they each stole five bottles of perfume, which had a total cost of $240.

This included a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water eau de toilette which cost $42 and a bottle of Hugo Boss eau de toilette worth $89.

They put the bottles in their back pockets and the front of their trousers after discarding the boxes.

Two security guards separately spotted them behaving suspiciously and followed them.

When father and son met up and left via the Lembu Road exit, they set off the store's security alarm and were detained by the guards.

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