Villagers hoist thieves' bike on telephone pole

ANGRY villagers hoisted a motorcycle and bunches of bananas on a telephone pole above a kampung road near Kuala Terengganu to serve as a warning to trespassers to stay away from their farms.

The folks of Kampung Kesom Che Nordin in Manir earlier spotted two men cutting the bananas from some trees.

In their haste to flee, the suspects left behind their motorcycle and the bananas.

The incident happened at around 12.30pm on Monday, Harian Metro reported.

Villager Mohd Saudi Deraman, 39, told the paper he rushed to his neighbour's farm and saw two men running away.

"They had knives so it was not safe for us to chase after them," he said.

To teach the culprits a lesson, however, the villagers hoisted the motorcycle and the bananas on a telephone pole above the main road, about 500m from the farm.

Policemen took down the machine and the fruits the next day.

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