Social escort agencies can be legal businesses in Singapore

Are the social escort services you see advertised online legal?

They do not offer sex overtly, but I have heard that they do for a 'cash gift'.

This question was posted on 'Ask Libby', a STOMP - Public Libraries Singapore Collaboration, where questions from the public will be answered by experts from the Public Libraries Singapore.

Their answer is as follows:

Social escort agencies can be legal businesses in Singapore if they are registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

If you search the ACRA directory for registered business entities, you will find the records of registered social escort agencies.

An article in The Straits Times titled "Demand for social escorts up this weekend" that was published on 25 September, 2008, sexual services are not included in the services by social escort agencies.

Sexual services are arrangements between the escort and the client.

It was reported in The New Paper in an article titled "Crime and punishment for prostitution offences" on 30 March, 2012 that prostitution is legal in Singapore.

However, it is an offence to pimp sexual services or solicit for the purpose of prostitution.

Anyone who hires women for prostitution and lives off the immoral earnings of women can be charged.

It is also illegal to have sex with anyone under the age of 18.

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