Sex-for-grades trial: DPP pushes for minimum 3-month jail for former law professor Tey

SINGAPORE - Former law professor Tey Tsun Hang, who was found guilty on all six counts of corruption in the sex-for-grades trial on Tuesday, will only learn of his fate next Monday when the court decides his sentence.

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Tey 'depraved' and had 'ulterior motive'

He was untruthful, two-faced, and his conduct was depraved.

That was how Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye described National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor Tey Tsun Hang, 42, before convicting him on six counts of corruption.

In a strongly-worded judgment which took 31/2 hours to deliver, the judge said that there was "overwhelming evidence" that Tey had taken undue advantage of his former student, Ms Darrine Ko, 23.

Tey had been charged last July with six counts of corruptly obtaining gifts and sex from Ms Ko in exchange for better grades.

In the judgment spanning more than 100 pages, the judge noted that Tey had illustrious achievements that overwhelmed Ms Ko, who was "impressionable".

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Darinne Ko arrives for sex-for-grades trial
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Photo of ex-student in sex-for-grades case revealed
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