Mon, Apr 06, 2009
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Najib's children have a plan to help him

[ Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor with her children, (from left) Riza Shahriz, Nooryana Najwa and Norashman Razak.]

SEPANG, MALAYSIA: Fathers are always heroes in their children's eyes, what more if they become the prime minister.

This is precisely the case with Datuk Seri Najib Razak's three children -- Riza Shahriz, 31, Nooryana Najwa, 20, and Norashman Razak, 18.

Riza Shahriz, who has been working in corporate finance in London for the past seven years, was proud that his father had assumed the highest office of the land.

"But he should always maintain his focus. He has so many things to achieve and fix. Sometimes, one can get overwhelmed by such responsibilities.

"I hope he can take it one day at a time to get things done on Monday and then worry about Tuesday later. Sometimes, when we get too many things going, we may lose track of where we are," he said before leaving for London.

Nooryana Najwa said her father's strength was staying calm under pressure.

"My dad's strength is staying calm under pressure and not being easily influenced by others since he has a clear vision of what he wants to do."

She said people always underestimated what it took to be a good leader.

"Through our father, we have seen how hard he works and the sacrifices he has made. It is not all about the glamour or the publicity. So, you really need to have it in you to be a good leader.

"Also, he does not mix the roles of politician and father. When he steps through the front door, he is daddy," she said on Saturday before leaving for Georgetown University in Washington, where she studies International Politics and Foreign Policies.

She said he should always carry on being a fair leader and never lose his objectivity.

Norashman was confident that his father would keep the people close to his heart in executing his duties.

He believed that he and his siblings could help their father by making it out there and standing on their own feet.

"We should be able to do so by working hard and not assuming anything because our father is the prime minister."

Norashman, who is at the same university as Nooryana where he is taking up International Relations, agreed with his sister that his father's strong suit was staying cool under pressure.

He said his father had never pressured any of the children to go into politics.

"He just told us that whatever we decided to do, we had to contribute well to society, either as a lawyer or an accountant. We do not need to be in politics."

Najib's children said he had not changed an iota since assuming the highest post in the land. "There is no difference. Our family life is still the same.

"Mummy and Daddy treat us the same. When we go back to London or Washington DC, we still have to clean up our rooms and take out the trash," Nooryana said.

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor said she always made sure that her children led as normal a life as other children and university students.

"I do not give special treatment to my children.

"They have to go through the normal channels at Immigration checks and carry their own bags."

Najib's children have a plan to help him carry out his duties better -- by not causing him any problems.

"We have to be good kids by not giving him any trouble so that he can focus on his duties 100 per cent. We don't want to burden him," Riza said.

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