Sun bear attacks man
Mon, Dec 20, 2010
New Straits Times

TANAH MERAH - A 35-year-old rubber smallholder suffered deep cuts on his right foot when he was bitten by a sun bear in Kuala Balah, Jeli on Tuesday.

Osman Salleh said the bear ran off after he hit its head with a parang in the 4pm incident.

He said the bear weighed about 50kg and was about a metre tall.

"I suspect it's pregnant. Normally, a pregnant bear is more vicious."

He said he was riding his motorcycle along a dirt track to buy food for himself and his father when the bear appeared.

"The bear appeared at the same time when my motorcycle stalled," he said yesterday at the district hospital where he has been warded since Saturday.

Osman said when he got off his motorcycle, the bear chased him around the machine for several minutes. "Then, the motorcycle toppled over and it lunged at me."

He said he hit the bear on its back with his parang every time it lunged at him but that did not deter the animal.

"The final blow on its head sent it scurrying back into the jungle. After that, I took about 30 minutes to get back on my feet as my injured foot felt numb."

Osman said he sought outpatient treatment at a rural health clinic in Kuala Balah but was advised to get further treatment at the hospital on Saturday.

State Wildlife and National Parks director Pazil Abdul Fatah said the the bear could have been startled by Osman's sudden appearance.

"Sun bears rarely attack humans," he said.

-New Straits Times

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