Beware of fake fish oil pills

KUALA LUMPUR: Consumers are advised to be aware of fake fish oil supplements in the market.

Yesterday, Holista CollTech (Australia) Ltd, which markets Pristin fish oil capsules, lodged a police report over the fake pills sold here.

The Pristin brand is manufactured by Legosan AB (Sweden) and repacked in Malaysia by Seutic Pack Sdn Bhd. Distribution is handled by Zuellig Pharma Sdn Bhd.

Mediharta Sdn Bhd, the exclusive Meditag hologram provider approved by the Health Ministry, confirmed that the holograms on the counterfeit Pristin packs were also fakes and did not the match the holograms provided to Seutic Pack.

Seutic Pack denied purchasing the holograms that appeared on the fake packs.

"We will take legal recourse against the offenders. Malaysian consumers should know about the fake fish oil supplement and how to spot the difference between the original Pristin Toxin-Free Fish Oil and counterfeits.

"We believe the fake ones are being sold at medical halls. We have notified pharmacies nationwide via emails, post and text messages," said Holista CollTech chief executive officer Datuk Dr Rajen M.

Genuine packs of Pristin fish oil capsules can be distinguished by the Meditag hologram serial number which starts with the number 05 or 06. The fake Pristin fish oil packs have Meditag holograms which start with the letter "A", followed by a series of numerals, and had a spelling error in the word "Answer" on the side.

For more information, consumers may call Pristin Info Zone at 1-300-88-2700 or visit, where a list of authorised pharmacies selling genuine Pristin fish oil capsules is provided along with tips to spot the counterfeit packs.

-New Straits Times