Swazi man's attire makes heads turn

PUTRAJAYA: Skelo Dlamini is making heads turn at the Langkawi International Dialogue (LID), thanks to his eye-catching traditional attire.

In a venue where the majority were in sombre-coloured jackets, the 42-year-old official from Swaziland stood out in his colourful Amahiya, the Swazi traditional attire.

The Amahiya comprises a bright-coloured piece of cloth draped around the body while the bottom part is a "skirt".

Dlamini said the attire was worn daily by Swazis besides "normal modern clothing".

"I like my traditional attire and wear it almost everyday. I thought since I will be in Malaysia for the LID and the weather here is the same as back home, it will be all right to wear the Amahiya," he said.

Dlamini received compliments from other delegates on his costume. He said that the most frequently asked question was whether he felt cold in an air-conditioned building.

This is his first visit to Malaysia and he is impressed with the development and progress as well as the beautiful landscape and greenery.