5 crashes jam up bridge

BUTTERWORTH - The Penang Bridge might have seen its worst day when five accidents, including a fatal one, occurred within just 90 minutes yesterday.

The accidents on both the island and mainland-bound routes happened between 6.35am and 8am and reduced the Monday morning rush hour to a crawl that stretched for many kilometres.

Traffic was chaotic on the North-South Expressway in Sungai Dua and Juru, on the Butterworth Outer Ring Road, Jalan Chain Ferry, Jalan Perusahaan and also routes leading to the bridge on the island.

The fatal accident occurred on Km5.1 on the bridge's island-bound route involving a motorcycle and a lorry at 6.35am, followed by another two accidents 25 minutes later.

At 7am, an accident involving four vehicles occurred at Km4.8 on the island-bound route, while an accident involving another four cars occurred at Km138.2 on the PLUS Highway ramp before the bridge toll plaza.

At 8.06am, another accident involving seven vehicles occurred at Km6.2 on the bridge's mainland-bound route, and a minor accident near Km6.2 on the island-bound side involving two vehicles.