Falling coconut tree kills 56-year-old boatman

KUALA TERENGGANU: A boatman died in a freak accident after a coconut tree toppled and crashed on him while he was riding his motorcycle.

Che Abd Rashid Deraman, 56, was killed on the spot in the incident which occurred at 2.45pm in Kampung Baru Seberang Takir here yesterday.

The deceased was on his way home after buying food when the 20m tree toppled onto him during a brief storm.

Che Abd Rashid, who just welcomed his second grandson a month ago, suffered serious head injuries.

Bystander Moharizal Mohamad, 30, said he realised the mishap after hearing a loud thumping noise during the storm.

"When I looked for the source of the noise, I was shocked to see the victim's body covered by the tree," he said.

Meanwhile, the victim's wife Wan Mariam Wan Ibrahim, 58, said her husband had gone out to buy food as well as to do a little shopping.

"He bought some kuih for us and a pair of trousers for himself.

"I never thought that he would be gone, at least not this way," she said in between sobs.

Wan Mariam added that the victim had many plans for Hari Raya, including bringing his grandchildren to visit out-of-town relatives.

"He loved his grandchildren very much and they adored him too.

"Our home will not be as joyful as before as the pillar of our family's strength is gone," she said.