Lucky bride search turns out to be costly

MALACCA - A factory worker who had hoped to end his bachelor days by "ordering" a lucky bride from a medium here ended up RM10,000 (S$4,165) poorer instead.

The 34-year-old lodged a police report, claiming the medium had given him the handphone number of a woman in February last year and asked him to propose to her.

He alleged that the medium, who is from Muar, told him she had already checked their compatibility and found that he would be "blessed with abundant fortune" if he married the woman.

However, he said the medium warned him against meeting the woman until she had given the green light or else he would be struck by bad luck.

The man said he only communicated with his bride-to-be via handphone, adding that the woman also claimed to have been told by the medium to "only marry him".

However, after a few weeks, the woman stopped answering his calls.

He claimed that in March last year, the medium told him that the woman was in trouble due to debts and needed his help.

The medium then directed the man to deposit money into a bank account as well as hand her cash on several occasions, totalling RM10,000.

When his bride-to-be continued to ignore his calls, the man said he decided to confront the medium, only to be verbally abused.

Feeling that he had been duped, the man decided to lodge a police report a few days ago.

Jasin OCPD Deputy Superin-tendent Che Suza Che Hitam confirmed the report and said the case was being investigated.