Get onboard train of change, says Najib

KOTA KINABALU - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak wants the people to be "on board the train" to bring a better future for next generation and the country. As the country moves towards Vision 2020, he said the journey towards transforming Malaysia was not just about the government, but also the people's involvement.

"The government is there to support. We will deliver and I promise you, we will deliver for the people of Malaysia, but we also need the people to come on board.

"It's like a train leaving the station and we want the people to be onboard. So, when you are onboard, we want you to be good passengers.

"We want you to be cooperative, supportive, follow the law and regulation and make sure there is peace so the train driver will no get distracted, and the train will reach its destination," he said at the Teachers Day Card Drawing Contest prize presentation at Magellan Sutera Harbour here, yesterday.

He said he aimed to lead a better Malaysia for the next generation, adding that the country needed to be global and progressive to compete in the international stage.

In view of that, he said teachers played a major role in producing an educated future generation and their contribution to society must be apparent.

Describing teachers as "the unsung heroes", Najib said Teachers Day celebrations should become a tradition.

"It is not apparent what teachers do for society, and if they receive words of encouragement from their pupils, they will feel appreciated. After all, it is something that money cannot buy, because you become a teacher not because you want to be rich, but you are rich in your contribution to society."

This practice would also help build the character of a person as education was not about getting a qualification, added Najib.

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