More women attacked in KL mall carparks

Inset: Internet marketeer Chin Xin-Ci who was attacked last month.

Two women were attacked in the carparks of shopping malls in Malaysia in a matter of days.

One of them sustained injuries in the attack, while the other was lucky to escape unharmed.

In the first case, a 41-year-old manager was getting into her car in the carpark of a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall on Tuesday evening when she was attacked.

Recounting the harrowing experience, Madam Zhong Yan Ling told China Press that she used her handbag to protect herself but the man continued to attack her.

She claimed that the robber dragged her to a staircase before beating and robbing her.

Her screams attracted the attention of two men who came to her rescue, causing the man to snatch her purse, containing about RM300 (S$120) and run.

Madam Zhong said she complained to the shopping mall management but "they did not seem to be concerned".

She claimed that they dismissed the matter, telling her that she was "merely unlucky" to have encountered such an incident, it reported.

Madam Zhong said she had read recent newspaper reports on robberies and had been extra careful.

She posted pictures of her injuries on Facebook, and her post has gone viral.

Madam Zhong's husband has not ruled out taking legal action against the shopping centre.

He told China Press: "The fact that there were no security cameras or guards in the carpark is unacceptable. No matter what, someone must be accountable for this."

In the second case, a woman entered a lift in a shopping complex carpark last Thursday.

There were three men in the lift. As soon as the door closed, one of the men grabbed her from behind while the other two warned her not to scream.

But the lift opened at another floor. The people who were waiting to get into the lift were shocked to see the scene.

The three men then ran off.

Crimes in M'sia shopping malls over past 5 years
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