Please find my missing leg

MALACCA - A motorcyclist was injured in an accident in Alor Gajah, Malacca, on Saturday evening. Mr Mohd Jumat Rahim, 24, who is with the civil defence, rushed to help the victim and had a shock.

The man had lost his leg and wanted Mr Jumat to find it, reported the New Straits Times. The rescue worker immediately launched a search and found the missing leg near the scene of the accident.

Mr Jumat said he and two other colleagues had earlier seen some motorists flashing their cars' high beams at their civil defence vehicle.

They thought there was a police road block ahead - until they came across the victim, Mr P. Ravindran, lying on the road.

Pool of blood

Said Mr Jumat: "When we drove closer to the scene, I saw a man lying in a pool of blood. I jumped out of our vehicle and ran towards him. He pleaded with me to find his leg.

"Shocked, I saw that the right leg was missing from just above the knee. I looked around for the missing limb before locating it about 10m away."

Mr Jumat said he picked up the severed leg and later attempted to stop the blood flowing from the injured man's stump.

He said Mr Ravindran subsequently lost consciousness while waiting for the ambulance, which arrived later and ferried him to the Malacca Hospital, where he was reported to be in stable condition.

But Mr Ravindran's right leg could not be reattached as the stump above the knee was badly crushed.

He also suffered a broken left leg.

The incident took place at about 7.30pm, when Mr Ravindran, who was riding his motorcycle from Machap Umboo to Alor Gajah, collided with a car from the opposite direction.

The driver of the car, Mr Mohd Kadir Mohd Lazim, 52, his wife, Mrs Rohana Abd Karim, 50, and their son, Mr Mohd Hafizi, 22, escaped unhurt.

Mr Kadir said he noticed a dark object coming towards him just before the crash.

He realised it was a motorcycle without its headlight on only when the machine was very near.

"I tried to avoid the motorcycle by steering to the left, but it crashed into my car, causing my front tyre to explode," he said.

Alor Gajah police chief Superintendent Umar Ali Shaifuddin Shaharuddin confirmed the accident, and urged witnesses to come forward to assist in investigations.

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