I stole money for ex-boyfriend and was sacked

I am 30 and still trying to find a good life. Recently, I was dismissed from work because I stole over RM500 (S$200) from my friend. I needed the cash to help out my ex-boyfriend, who needed it badly. I attended a domestic inquiry, was found guilty and dismissed. I also had to repay the money.

I was truly ashamed and promised to never do it again. Unfortunately, before this, I had also taken money - again to help out my ex-boyfriend - from my department's petty cash box. My former employer found out about it this week and called me to ask about that.

At first, I denied the theft. But then he threatened to have the police arrest me at my new workplace. I was so afraid, so I admitted to taking the cash. I told him I had no money to repay him at the moment as I have just started my new job.

My boss said he would fork out the money first, and I could pay him back at the end of the month.

He also warned me that if I did not pay him back or changed my mobile number, he would have the police arrest me at my workplace. He knows where I live.

I sent an SMS promising to repay him. I also apologised as I'm truly ashamed of what I've done and promised never to steal again.

But I'm still afraid that my ex-boss may change his mind and report me to the police and have me arrested.

My ex-boyfriend, who used up all the money I stole, has also left me. I'm so upset, scared and alone. I'm worried that I will lose my second job.

From Guilty Gal

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