Monkey attacks three in Malaysian village

MALAYSIA - Norhidayah Wahida Mat Luwi, 21, Ahmad Nor Atiqullah Zahari, 3, and Saidatina Aishah Mohd Faizul, 4, who stayed near each other, suffered injuries in the attacks on July 24.

Kelantan Wildlife Department director Rahmat Topani said the macaque first attacked Norhidayah about 3pm. It fled when it was chased away by Norhidayah's brother.

"The monkey went to attack Ahmad at his house, 500m away from the first house. Three hours later, the monkey returned."

Norhidayah's mother, Maziani Mohd Ghazali, 46, a rubber tapper, said she and her family were resting in their house when she heard Norhidayah, who suffers from Down's syndrome, screaming.

"We went out and saw a monkey biting her leg. My son grabbed a stick and chased away the monkey."

In the subsequent incident, Ahmad was playing at home with his brother Ahmad Fakrullah, 4, when the monkey entered the house and attacked.

Their mother, Rosniwati Ahmad, 40, a religious teacher, said the monkey entered the house through a window and escaped through the same window. She said Ahmad suffered injuries on his leg and was warded at the district hospital for five days.

Saidatina Aisyah was playing under a rambutan tree with her friends when the monkey attacked at 6pm.

It is learnt that Rela members killed a macaque after the attacks but villagers want action against monkeys.

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