PKR Youth: 'New flag' nothing to do with us

PETALING JAYA - PKR Youth has denied any role in trying to change the Jalur Gemilang to an "alternative flag" during the Janji Demokrasi gathering but admitted that it was designed by one of its youth leaders.

"The flag was designed by our deputy youth information chief Mohd Najwan Halimi in 2007 but at that time, he was not a member nor held any post in the youth wing.

"What happened during that year should not be associated with us," its chief Mohd Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin said yesterday.

He maintained that there was nothing wrong in flying the flag, also known as the Sang Saka Malaya, during the Merdeka eve gathering.

"The most important part is that we are clear on our stand which is that we have no intention to change our national flag," he said.

Shamsul was responding to criticism against the youths, who had flown the alternative flag, leading to allegations that the wing wanted to replace the Jalur Gemilang with it.

Najwan had explained in his blog that the Sang Saka Malaya was designed by him based on the patterns of the Indonesian and Singa­porean national flags.

Shamsul denied that the wing was involved in distributing pamphlets to participants during the gathering and welcomed a police probe into the Janji Demokrasi participants who stepped on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's picture.

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