Motorcyclists gang up and assault motorist

SARAWAK - A motorist was assaulted by a group of motorcyclists after he beat one of them when they stomped on his car and smashed its windows, reported Sin Chew Daily.

It all began when the man, in his 40s, nearly knocked into one of the motorcyclists while reversing his car, after failing in his first attempt to make an illegal U-turn at a traffic light junction in Miri.

He sped off after successfully making the U-turn but a group of about 40 motorcyclists gave chase.

When they caught up with him, some of the motorcyclists began to stomp on his car and smashed the side windows and windscreens.

The man, who was travelling with his son, got out from the car and started to beat one of the motorcyclists, resulting in the rest of them ganging up and assaulting him.

His son, who came to his aid, was also assaulted. The motorcyclists fled when police arrived at the scene after being alerted.

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