Malaysia awaiting decision on terror suspects

PETALING JAYA - Lebanese government officials are still gathering evidence on the two Malaysians held in Lebanon on suspicion of having links with al-Qaeda militant group, said Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay.

He added that the officials had yet to make a decision on whether to pursue their case or drop the accusations against Muhamad Razin Sharhan Mustafa Kamal and Razif Mohd Ariff for allegedly having links with a militant group.

"We are still waiting for a decision. Whatever the outcome, we will respect the decision of the Lebanese government," Kohilan said at the launch of the ministry's Public Diplomacy and Outreach Programme yesterday.

"We do not know when the outcome will be, but we hope that both men will be given a fair trial," he said.

Razin, 21 and Razif, 30, were arrested by Lebanese officials at White Tower Hotel in Beirut on Oct 18.

They were charged last Thursday at a military tribunal and were accused of being part of an armed organisation with the intention of entering Syria through Lebanon to carry out missions. Both subsequently pleaded not guilty.

He added that the pair were in good health and being monitored by the Malaysian embassy staff there.

On a separate matter, Kohilan said the Public Diplomacy and Outreach Programme was aimed at promoting the role of Wisma Putra and its diplomatic missions to the public.

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