Malaysia election: EC staff will use indelible ink on polling day according to guidelines

PETALING JAYA - The Election Commission (EC) stands by the indelible ink and will use it for polling this Sunday despite allegations in the social media that it can be easily washed off.

EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said there were several cases involving security personnel and their spouses of the ink being washed off easily, but this was due to an oversight by the commission staff members.

"Some of our officers forgot to shake the bottles thoroughly. As a result, there was less silver nitrate in the ink when it was applied on the index finger," he told The Star yesterday.

Wan Ahmad added: "I also noticed that some EC personnel did not paint the fingers properly. As this is the first time the ink is being used, there is bound to be a little oversight."

He said the commission tested the shaken and unshaken bottles on Tuesday and discovered that the ink from the unshaken bottle did not stick quickly to the finger.

"The guidelines for using the ink are very clear the bottle must be shaken well and the ink applied properly on the index finger," he said.

"However, some of our personnel might have been under pressure due to long queues of advance voters, thus leading to some errors. We will make sure there is no such oversight on Sunday," he said.

Wan Ahmad said the EC would hold a demonstration for the media at its office in Putrajaya today on the use of the indelible ink.

He gave an assurance that those who had cast their ballots would not be voting again on Sunday.

"The names of the advance voters will not appear on the electoral roll on Sunday. Our officers will not allow anyone to vote twice," he said.

He also said that it was unfortunate that some political parties "only want to find fault with the EC and spin stories ... They should campaign on policy matters and not drag us in".

Wan Ahmad reminded voters not to give their MyKad to anyone and not to allow their fingers to be painted with any kind of ink prior to polling.

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