Tue, Jan 08, 2008
The New Paper
Friends say he tried many diets

HE watched his health, exercised regularly and had no known health problems.

And a recent health check on comedian Jimmy Nah showed that his blood and cholesterol levels were good.

So how did he die suddenly?

There is no answer yet.

Jimmy's younger brother, who wanted to be known only as KC, told The New Paper on Sunday that the coroner's report will only be out in two to three months' time.

He said that the death certificate cited heart and lung failure as cause of death.

Jimmy, more popularly known as MC King, had collapsed suddenly in his Kallang home on Friday noon after taking his mother to the clinic and later on, shopping.

He had breathing difficulties and could not be revived by the time the ambulance arrived to take him to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

There is talk that Jimmy's sudden death could be linked to dieting.

After all, the rotund comedian's love for food, especially chicken, is legendary.

Good friend Chew Chor Meng fondly remembers them 'taking the bus or MRT to places just to try stalls famous for their fried chicken'.

But he added that despite Jimmy's weight, the latter was fit and was not known to have health problems.

Chor Meng said: 'His mother told me that Jimmy just had a health screening done and his blood and cholesterol test results were actually quite good.

'We have no idea what could have happened. He's even fitter than me.

'I have a slipped disc and am constantly aching.'

However, another friend, former DJ Lin Youfa hinted that Jimmy could have been on slimming pills.

He said: 'I know he has tried many slimming methods before, so I really don't know...'

He last saw Jimmy last week, when the latter visited his newly-opened chicken rice stall.

Youfa said: 'I was just teasing him about not losing weight despite his diet. He made me poke his chest as he said he has been working out. It did feel rather muscular.'

Popular getai singer Liu Lingling, who was at Jimmy's wake yesterday afternoon, said: 'Jimmy did mention before that he wants to slim down as he doesn't want to be too fat.

'He was told by a fortune-teller once that his weight had to be within an ideal range for his good luck to come, and he wanted to achieve that.'

However, Jimmy did not tell Lingling what was the ideal weight range.

She added that while Jimmy liked to eat, she had never heard of him popping pills.

KC shot down the talk that Jimmy was taking slimming pills.

He said firmly: 'My brother was never on a diet. He eats well and lives well, but he exercises. He goes to the MediaCorp gym three times a week.'

Jimmy's good friend Patricia Mok also dismissed the notion.

She said: 'I know he had definitely been trying to lose weight for the past few years. But he was not taking slimming pills. He even scolded me recently because I was taking some, but I told him those were prescribed by the doctor.

'Jimmy may love his food, but he didn't over-indulge himself. He tried to keep away from too much fried food and to eat more vegetables.'

Others said that Jimmy might have been overworked recently, as he was putting in 18-hour days while juggling two filming projects - Just in Singapore and Taste Of Love - at one point.

DJ Charmaine Yip and Youfa told Shin Min Daily News that they thought he looked wan when they saw him recently.

Apple Hong, Jimmy's co-star in Taste Of Love, told Lianhe Wanbao that Jimmy suffered from hair loss and acne breakouts during filming, but the conditions improved when they completed the show.

But if work took a toll on his health, Jimmy's spirits had remained high.

Patricia said Jimmy told her he was 'happy to be tired'.

'That's because being busy made him feel valued (by the company),' she said.


Meanwhile, Lingling had another theory.

She said that she was told by Jimmy's mother that she has high blood pressure and that Jimmy could have inherited the yet-to-be-detected condition.

At this point, Patricia and Chor Meng said they would rather not think about the reason behind Jimmy's death.

Patricia said: 'There's really no point in speculating now because it doesn't alleviate the pain.'

Chor Meng agreed, saying: 'We also want to know the reason, but we'll wait for the coroner's report.

'All I know now is that my 'brother' is gone forever.'

This article was first published on Jan 6, 2008.


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